Date Angler Weight Bait/Method Species
11/03/18 (White Bishops) Tom Need 56-08-00 Maggot/Pole Carp
28/10/17 (White Bishops) Andy Wiffen 62-03-00 Pellet/Pole Carp A Wiffen 29-10-17.jpg (1676807 bytes)
23/04/17 (White Bishops) Malcolm Smith 61-15-00 Pellet/Pole Carp Malcolm Smith 23-04-17.jpg (1919241 bytes)
15/05/16 (Marshes 1) Pete Clarke 67-06-00 Caster/Pole Carp P Clarke 15-05-16.jpg (264573 bytes)
12/04/15 (White Bishops) Brian Hutchings 43-03-00 Pellet/Pole Carp


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