Burghfield Match Lake
Date Angler Weight Bait/Method Species
02/09/06 Dave Chandler 197-10-00 Pole/Pellet Carp
22/07/06 Dave Chandler 209-14-00 Pole/Pellet Carp
20/08/05 Dave Rudman 133-03-00 Pole/Pellet Carp
01/08/04 Matt Ryman 76-13-00 Pole/Pellet Carp
16/08/03 Dave Rudman 93-04-00 Pole/Pellet Carp
10/08/02 Gerald Perks 60-12-00 Pole/Meat Carp


Review: Now called Burghfield Gold Lake its has now become a Specimen Lake. Cemex sold off some of their fisheries a few years back and this prolific venue went with it. 
Rules: Refer to Website
Location: Cottage Lane, Burghfield, Near Reading, Berkshire. Sat Nav RG30 3UW
Contact: 08448004408