Cheyney Manor
23/11/14 (Moat) Dave White 18-05-00 Roach/Tench Pole/Caster
05/01/14 (Moat/Old Trout) Dave White 06-09-00 Roach Pole/Caster
03/11/13 (Moat/Medieval) Doug Robinson 17-13-00 Roach Pole/Maggot
04/11/12 (Medieval) Brian Hutchings 11-14-00 Roach Pole/Maggot
23/10/11 (Moat) Brian Hutchings 21-05-00  Roach Pole/Maggot
24/10/10 (Moat) Brian Hutchings 22-04-00 Roach Pole/Maggot
01/11/09 (Moat) Gerald Perks 33-00-00 Feeder/Maggot Carp
20/07/03 (Medieval) Dave Rudman 28-01-00 Pole/Maggot Carp


Review: Four old pools in peaceful surrounds. Named Old Trout, Medieval, The Moat and Small Leet. They all have fairly constant depths of about four and a half feet. Some big carp in all lakes plus plenty of silvers, perch and a few tench. 
Location: Barford St Michael, Oxfordshire. Sat Nav OX15 0RJ
Contact: 01869 338207