River Thames, Clifton Hampden

21/08/16 Chris Webb 10-01-00 Pole/Caster Roach/Perch
22/01/12 Paul Goodall 04-1-00 Feeder/Maggot Chub
17/09/00 Bob Woodwood 18-07-00 Feeder/Worm Bream
09/07/00 Bob Woodwood 22-02-00 Feeder/Worm Bream
12/09/99 Mick Andrews 78-05-00 Feeder/Worm Bream
26/07//98 Bob Woodwood 11-07-00 Feeder/Maggot Chub
07/09/97 Alan Campbell 11-00-00 Feeder/Maggot Chub
08/09/96 Gerald Perks 75-06-00 Feeder/Worm Bream


Review: This fishery extends for three fields downstream of the bridge at Clifton Hampden. It is a firm favourite for match anglers and caters for all styles of angling, the water is prolific and is well known for its large catches of Bream. Chub and Roach. Most other species are present including Barbel. Parking is available at the Barley Mow public house and the access is on foot via the footpath to the first field.
Rules: Refer to Club Rules
Location: Clifton Hampden, Abingdon. Sat Nav OX14 3EH