College Farm, Aynho
Date Angler Weight Bait/Method Species
20/09/09 Brian Hutchings 51-03-00 Pole/Pellet Carp
01/10/06 Alan Campbell 24-04-00 Pole/Corn Carp
16/01/05 Kevin Dolton 103-08-04 Pole/Corn Carp
13/06/04 Alan Campbell 43-10-00 Pole/Corn Carp
11/01/04 Dave Chandler 94-12-00 Pole/Maggot Carp


Review: A natural, although extended spring fed lake. Shaped like a bone, it has a bowl either end and a stretch in the middle which rather resembles a canal. Many of the large fish tend to run along the far bank here, which is why many anglers choose to fish the narrower parts which can be reached with the pole. The average size of the carp here is around 5lbs, but there are some bigger fish as well. College Farm also contains some large chub, bream, including silver, and some small crucians carp. This water is quite regularly booked for club matches which are almost always won form the 14 meter wide canal straight. A good all round water.
Location: Banbury Road, Aynho, Banbury. Sat Nav OX17 3AB
Contact: 01869 277226