Oxford Canal, Enslow Wharf

05/05/13 Vernon Adams 14-04-00 Bomb/Maggot Bream
03/02/13 Chris Webb 03-09-00 Pole/Pinkie Roach/Skimmers
31/01/10 Alan Campbell 00-15-00 Pole/Pinkie Bleak
26/10/08 Malcolm Smith 01-12-00 Pole/Maggot Roach/Bleak
06/01/08 Ken Franklin 00-10-00 Waggler/Maggot Bleak
28/10/07 Malcolm Smith 03-15-00 Pole/Maggot Bleak/Roach
19/11/06 Brian Hutchings 02-04-00 Pole/Maggot Chub/Bits
22/01/06 Matt Ryman 03-12-00 Pole/Maggot Roach/Perch
06/03/05 Alan Campbell 10-11-00 Pole/Worm Chub
24/10/04 Brian Hutchings 08-15-00 Pole/Maggot Chub
17/10/04 Dennis Butler 08-00-00 Pole/Worm Chub/Bream
22/02/04 Gerald Perks 08-07-00 Pole/Caster Chub
09/02/03 Dave Chandler 23-02-00 Pole/Caster Roach
18/02/11 Richard Merry 08-06-00 Pole/Caster Chub/Roach
11/02/11 Barry Wise 07-12-00 Pole/Maggot Chub
14/03/99 Richard Merry 05-13-00 Pole/Maggot Chub/Bits
02/08/97 Frank Hardie 03-15-00 Pole/Maggot Chub/Roach
02/02/97 Dave Rudman 02-09-00 Pole/Caster Chub/Bits


Review: A lovely stretch of the canal that has changed over the years. A new marina was built and the resident chub went into hiding. But with this big stretch of water appearing, there is now a good head of bream for the angler to target. Bomb, Feeder or long pole in the marina for the bream, down the track with caster or maggot for the roach.
Rules: Refer to ODAA rules
Location: Bletchingdon. Sat Nav OX5 3AY