River Thames, Medley

21/01/18 Chris Webb 14-00-00 FeederMaggot Bream
12/03/17 Kevin Dolton 25-10-00 Feeder-Stick/Caster Bream/Chub/Roach
05/03/17 Gerald Perks 18-03-00 Feeder/Worm Bream
04/12/16 Alan Campbell 08-13-00 Bread Feeder/Bread Chub
06/03/16 Gerald Perks 22-03-00 Bread Feeder/Maggot Bream
13/12/15 Paul Hitchman 25-00-00 Feeder/Worm-Caster Bream
08/03/15 Brian Hutchings 31-05-00 Feeder/Maggot Bream
07/12/14 Chris Webb 66-06-00 Feeder/Maggot-Bread Bream
06/07/14 Tony Bailey 09-13-00 Feeder/Maggot Bream/Bits
 07/07/13 Paul Brant 20-00-00 Feeder/Maggot Bream
03/03/12 Gerald Perks 08-13-00 Feeder/Caster Bream
08/07/12 Toby Pope 16-13-00 Feeder/Maggot Bream/Roach
 10/07/11 Ken Franklin 09-09-00 Waggler/Maggot Roach
04/07/10 Vernon Adams 04-00-00 Feeder/Worm Skimmers
30/11/09 Alan Campbell  00-11-00 Pole/Worm Chub
 27/09/09 Steve Trotter 13-11-00 Stick/Maggot Roach
28/09/08 Terry Woodwood 06-03-00 Stick Maggot Roach
13/02/00 Paul Glenfield 19-00-00 Waggler/Maggot Chub/Roach
08/02/98 Kevin Dolton 18-15-00 Feeder/Worm Bream
21/07/96 Peter Hunt 09-06-00 Pole/Worm Perch/Roach


Review: This is a popular water well known as a true match venue. Waggler fishing and feeder fishing are the best methods for catches of Roach, Bream, Chub and Perch with the occasional Tench and Barbel. Chopped worm has also accounted for some huge bags of perch. Access can be made from the end of Walton Well Road (OX2 6ED). Alternatively access can be made from Binsey Lane along the footpath adjacent to the Perch public house. Anglers wishing to fish Port Meadow should park at Godstow Road car park.
Rules: Refer to Club Rules
Location: Binsey Lane, Oxford. Sat Nav OX2 0NG