24/04/16 (Wood) Jack Griffiths 34-02-00 F1 Carp
02/08/15 (Wood) Pete Clarke 75-07-00 Pole/Pellet F1 Carp
10/05/15 (Pans) Kevin Dolton 92-06-00 Pole/Pellet Carp
04/01/15 (Wood) Chris Webb 22-03-00 Pole/Maggot F1 Carp
12/10/14 (Pans) Brian Hutchings 40-05-00 Pole/Maggot Carp
13/04/14 (Pans) Chris Webb 55-09-00 Pole/Maggot-Pellet Carp/F1s
16/02/14 (Pans) Mark Shepherd 73-08-00 Pole/Pellet-Bread Carp/F1s
04/08/13 (Wood) Bruno Rogers 28-05-00 Method/Pellet Carp
30/06/13 (Pans) Pete Clarke 63-02-00 Pole/Pellet Carp/F1s
18/07/10 Vernon Adams 16-02-00 Pole-Feeder/Pellet Carp
20/08/06 (Wood) Alan Winter 30-13-00 Pole/Worm Carp


Review: Panshill Wood Fishery is set in natural woodland and consists of five lakes, these include Pans lake, Hill Lake, Wood Lake ,Fishery Lake and Ghost Lake.
The owners Ian and Tracey Adamberry have worked hard to produce an all round Coarse Fishery. They aim to cater for all aspects of fishing from the beginner to the competition angler.
All of the lakes are fully stocked. Pans Lake is stocked with Carp up to 5lb and is open for pleasure fishing as well as having open matches. Hill Lake is our specimen lake and contains Carp & Catfish this is available for day tickets and night fishing. Wood Lake is stocked with a range of fish Carp,F1s,Perch,Tench,Bream,Chub,Roach and Rudd ranging from 4oz to 9lbs.This lake is open for pleasure fishing and also has open matches on some Sundays. Fishery Lake has small carp & chub.
Rules: Please refer to website
Location: Murcott, Nr Bicester. Sat Nav OX5 2RG