Oxford Canal, Walton Well Road

09/01/11 Jason Jones 03-02-00 Pole/Bloodworm & Joker Roach/Skimmer
29/01/06 Gerald Perks 02-09-00 Pole/Worm Perch/Bits
31/01/99 John Moss 01-05-00 Pole/Worm Perch/Bits


Rules: Refer to club rules
Location: Walton Well Road, Oxford. Sat Nav OX2 6ED (Parking Charges Apply) 

Parking Permits
Permits are available at 20 per year for members of affiliated clubs and societies and 50 for all other users. Permits are only to be used for parking while using the adjacent park facilities. Call us on 01865 252489 or email carparks@oxford.gov.uk for further details.