New Membership runs from May 1st 2024 to April 30th 2025


Prolific Venue












When you apply for club membership it implies that you have read and agree to comply with all club General Rules


Why Do I Need A Permit?



Adult Membership 17

Bank Transfer is available on the Application Form. Permit will be posted on receipt of Application Form (email or WhatsApp/Messenger is fine)


OAP Membership 10


Junior Membership 2*

*Free with an Adult paying permit

Junior Permits are free, with an Adult paying permit. (Apply online only, not at a shop)


Sandford Weir Stream Night Permit 2.50

(Only available with a Littlemore AS Permit)


Day Ticket (Dawn until Dusk) 3.00


Important Notice!

It is an offence to fish on Littlemore Angling Society waters without a permit.  We insure our members with Public Liability Insurance in case anything should happen to them. 

Any angler challenged without a permit is a liability to our members. This is Trespass. You will be either asked to leave or pay an additional 5 on top of a day ticket or permit to continue fishing

 We do NOT accept any cash payment on the bank.


































Permits will be posted to the address on your Paypal account or as requested. 

Please press "Send" and not "Request" on Paypal


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Postal Applications

Please download the form

Fishing Rod Licence Guide for Anglers  2022 | Match & Coarse Angling  Equipment