Match Rules


All matches except Open's, shall be strictly confined to members of Littlemore Angling Society

Pegs shall not be less than eighteen yards apart.

Competitors may proceed to their peg once they have drawn their peg number, but they shall neither break nor disturb the water, other than to place their keepnet, prepare groundbait, test their float and plumb the depth, until the signal to start is given. On no account must a feeder be used to plumb the depth.

An icebreaker can be used to break frozen water

Competitors must stay within one yard of their peg number. Their swim shall extend from a point directly opposite their peg to a point one yard above the next peg used downstream. Competitors may wade providing the water does not extend above their knees.

Competitors must use only one rod, one line and one hook at any one time. Spare rods may be taken and ready for use.

Any bait may be used with the exception of spinning baits, live or dead fish and any artificial bait. (Bloodworm & Joker banned on Littlemore A.S. & O.D.A.A. waters June to October 1st)

Competitors must retain all fish in Keepnets, which comply with the relevant Environment Agency Bylaws. All fish shall be returned to the water after weighing-in. Any competitor can have fish weighed and returned to the water during the match if they think that to place them in a net will cause them undue injury or distress.

Competitors must be present at weigh-in.

A point’s competition will be run on selected matches. and will be fished for each season on the matches listed in the permit. Points will be allocated on each match as follows.. Winner 25pts, 2nd 20pts, 3rd 19pts and so on. Each angler that weighs in will be awarded 1pt if they finished below 20th place. In the event of a tie in any match the points will be shared equally. In the event of a tie at the end of the series the angler with the highest aggregate weight over the matches shall be deemed the winner.

The top 16 anglers at the end of the season will compete in the Inter Club Knock Out Cup the following season.

All points shield matches to be fished on Littlemore A.S. waters where possible. Otherwise on waters beneficial to the club.

Competitors are responsible for ensuring that their peg is clear of litter. No competitor will have his or her catch weighed-in until the peg is cleared. Any angler leaving litter at their peg will be disqualified. (This includes peg numbers)

All species to count with the exception of game fish, pike and crustaceans.

Match times are as follows…

Club Matches

River /Canal

Draw 7.30. Fish 9.00-14.00




Draw 8.00. Fish 10.00-16.00

Junior Match


Draw 12.00. Fish 1.00-4.00



Prize money will be announced before the start of each match.

Anglers must weigh-in to gain entry into the Blind Pairs Trophy.

A short walk will be offered to a competitor with disabilities. Those competitors must notify the Match Secretary before the draw.

All Pools money to be paid to 1st, 2nd & 3rd on all matches

The “Golden Peg” will feature on all Official Littlemore A.S. matches, set by the committee. Entry is 1.00. The Pool will be capped near to 100 and a new Pool started. The Draw for the “Golden Peg” will be made after the match. Winning angler can have a draw for each Golden Peg but can only claim the first one drawn. The angler that draws the “Golden Peg” must win the match outright to win the prize collected to date. (A tie for first place will not count). No Golden Peg on shared matches.

All anglers Must have 2 carp approved keepnets for matches on commercial fisheries. One for carp and one for silver fish.

No surface baits on any matches

Charges for matches are 2.00 peg fee (Various on Commercials), 1.00 Golden Peg (Optional) and 5.00 Pools (Optional) 1.00 Section Pools (Optional) and 1.00 Summer/Winter/Prior Cup Pools (optional). No other pools will operate

All interpretations of the Match Rules and any Rules made on any match shall be made by the Match Secretary. These rules will be Final.