Club Waters

Please read all club rules before fishing. 

Sandford Lock and Meadow


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Sandford Meadow is where we hold the majority of our matches.  This 29-peg venue has large shoals of Roach, Bream and Chub.  Tench and Perch also win many matches. Main approach is wag & mag. Hemp and tares on the waggler take over from July/August. The pole and chopped worm will win in every peg if you are prepared to sit it out for the big fish. They will come! For the Specialist Angler, double figure Pike and Carp and specimen Chub are also resident on the match length. 

Sandford Lock is very popular with the pleasure, match and specimen angler. Roach, Perch, Carp, Bream and Chub can all found on the Lock Cut.  Big fish habitat the small weir pool and main weir stream.  Barbel, Bream, Pike, Chub and Carp are all there. Very snaggy but the skill of the roving angler should sort out the better fish. Night Fishing is permitted on the weir streams only. 

We have an agreement with the management to park at the Kings Arms on Match Days Only. Please park in areas in the village above the wharf or use the Pay and Display at the Kings Arms . Please do not park in Sandford Mill at anytime. (This is Private Property). There is also a large car park at Sandford Lane Kennington







Please close all gates, entering and leaving our waters!

Please do not fish below the Lock in Sandford Mill Estate. Littlemore AS begins in the Meadows

Rose Island, Kennington

Weirs Mill Stream, Donnington

(With Agreement with Thames Valley Angling Association)

Weir Stream Sandford

(With Agreement with Reading & District Angling Association)


River Thames, Northmoor

(With Agreement with Reading & District Angling Association)